Process analysis of v850l and v1160l

1. The gearbox rear cover, reducer housing, inlet and outlet pipes, shaft core hub, steering arm and other parts on the heavy truck are castings with high hardness and large removal amount. How to process at high speed and high stability requires high rigidity and large torque;

Transmission rear cover housing

Reducer housing

Intake and exhaust pipe

Flywheel housing


Double cylinder compressor housing

2. the parts of oil pump shell, pump housing, fork, connecting rod and case cover are high strength aluminum alloy parts. The machining resistance of such parts is small and the machining allowance is small. Therefore, the machine tool must have high speed and high feed to obtain higher efficiency;

Oil pump housing

Cooling water pump housing

Connecting rod, cap

Shift fork

Steering knuckle

Engine sprocket compartment cover

Engine oil pan

3. The brake shoe plate, brake shoe, suspension support, Qianjin beam and other support materials are mainly nodular cast iron and cast steel. The processing of these parts is mainly milling, drilling and tapping. The machine tool is required to have high speed and torque, as well as three-axis rapid movement to improve the processing speed;

Brake drum

Brake caliper

Brake shoe plate

Brake shoe

Brake disc

Suspension bracket

Steering gear support

4. the steering gear shell (the passenger car materials are mostly aluminum alloy) and other materials are mostly ductile iron. The machining is mainly boring, milling, drilling and tapping, and the deep hole boring and milling process is high, and the precision is high. It is required that the spindle run out of the machine tool should be small and the verticality is better;

Steering gear housing of commercial vehicle

Steering gear housing of passenger car

Vortex shell

Engine rocker arm

Steering knuckle arm

Differential housing

5. Most of the following parts shall be processed from multiple angles, and four axes shall be equipped later. The Z axis shall have sufficient space and good rigidity requirements;

Process analysis of v850l and v1160l

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